Monday 02 August 2021 - 4:38:19 pm

Nawah completes fuel assembly loading at Unit 2 of Barakah Plant

ABU DHABI, 23rd March, 2021 (WAM) -- Nawah Energy Company, the operations and maintenance subsidiary of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), confirmed on Tuesday that it has successfully completed loading the fuel assemblies into the reactor of Unit 2 of Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant.

It explained that it will now commence testing Unit 2’s systems, prior to the start-up of the reactor, before gradually raising power levels while conducting a series of tests, a process called Power Ascension Testing (PAT).

Nawah’s diverse team of expert operators followed strict guidelines and international best practices in loading the fuel assemblies into Unit 2, concluding the process one year after successfully completing the same work at Unit 1.

Nawah safely completed all national inspections, before receiving the Operating Licence in March 2021 from the UAE’s independent nuclear regulator, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), to operate Unit 2 of the Barakah Plant for a duration of 60 years.

WAM/Esraa Ismail/Binsal AbdulKader