Monday 10 May 2021 - 12:27:03 pm

Paper receipts give way to e-receipts at RTA’s customers' happiness centres

  • طرق دبي توقف المعاملات الورقية بكافة مراكزها
  • طرق دبي توقف المعاملات الورقية بكافة مراكزها

DUBAI, 4th May, 2021 (WAM) -- In keeping with Dubai’s Paperless Government initiative, and the commitment to provide convenient digital transactions to all community members, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has ceased the issuance of printed paper transactions at all affiliated customers happiness centres in Dubai.

The switch to paperless transactions covers bills, receipts and tickets issued in respect of various violations.

RTA confirmed that customers happiness centres have already started sending receipts via e-mails and text messages. All transaction details, invoices and receipts are now issued in a digital, rather than printed, format and transmitted to clients electronically. RTA urges customers to update their phone numbers and e-mail identities in their traffic files through communicating with RTA’s dial-free number (8009090).

The initiative is in line with the precautionary measures taken to curb the outbreak of Covid-19 while eliminating the touching of paper Additionally, the initiative contributes to financial sustainability by saving the need for massive printouts.

WAM/Hazem Hussein/Hassan Bashir