Dubai Customs’ Jebel Ali Centre completes 952k transactions in 1st four months of 2021

Dubai Customs’ Jebel Ali Centre completes 952k transactions in 1st four months of 2021

DUBAI, 8th June, 2021 (WAM) -- Dubai Customs’ Jebel Ali Centre, which operates under the Sea Customs Centre Management, has announced the completion of 952,232 transactions between January and April 2021, growing 71 percent from 557,318 in the corresponding period in 2020.

The value of goods in the four months hit AED298.3 billion, and volume reached 38.848 million tons.

With the help and cooperation of the Customs Intelligence Department, Jebel Ali Customs Centre thwarted all smuggling attempts in the first third of 2021, with 64 seizures made through 75,434 inspection operations. Containers scanned using x-ray scanners reached 93,492 containers, compared to 51 seizures, 73,852 inspection operations and 76,188 containers in the first third of 2020.

Dubai Customs provides all support needed to Jebel Ali Customs Centre in its strategic mission of serving the national economy, protecting the society and securing the borders. The Centre provides the best services and facilities to clients and maintains solid levels of communication with strategic partners.

"We put in place an integrated strategy to develop work at Jebel Ali Customs Centre in 2021 to ensure a streamlined flow of goods to the local, regional and international markets enhancing Dubai’s role as a global trade hub," said Yousef Al Hashimi, Director of Sea Customs Centres Management.

Al Hashimi added, "We have 6 advanced container scanning systems in the Centre with a capacity of 900 containers per hour. The systems can detect any discrepancy in the density of the goods in these containers and based on that inspectors, with the help of the K9 Sniffing Dogs Unit, will manually check these containers thoroughly. Our inspectors receive regular training in which they learn the most updated techniques used in inspection."

In the same vein, Fuad Al Suwaidi, Senior Manager of Jebel Ali Customs Centre, said, "We have developed our work methods to respond in a better way to the needs of our clients, especially under the current challenge posed by the spread of COVID-19 crisis."