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UAE has a lot to contribute to UN Security Council, its multilateral system: Lana Nusseibeh

By Ahmed Gamal ABU DHABI, 10th June, 2021 (WAM) -- Lana Nusseibeh, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations, has affirmed that the UAE - as a dynamic and forward-looking country - believes that it has a lot to offer to the UN Security Council and to the entire multilateral system.

''It is now the UAE’s turn to prove that we can help address the challenges the world is facing,'' she added.

Tomorrow, the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly will hold a secret ballot session to elect five new non-permanent members of the Security Council for the period 2022-2023, with the UAE running for the seat of the Asia-Pacific Group.

On this important occasion, Ambassador Nusseibeh in an exclusive interview to the Emirates News Agency (WAM) shared her views on the UAE candidacy, saying, "We believe that the UAE has a lot to contribute to the Security Council and to the multilateral system as a whole. We are a dynamic and forward-looking country in our region, a bridge builder, a humanitarian leader, and a global hub of commerce, trade, and innovation."

The Ambassador added, "Since the founding of the UAE in 1971, a spirit of collaboration has been at the heart of our nation. We have always sought to work together with partners in pursuit of solutions that benefit our shared humanity.

"Serving as a member of the UN Security Council, a body dedicated to the pursuit of international peace and security, is an immense opportunity to put this principle into practice at the highest levels of multilateralism to address the world’s most critical issues.

"We believe that the UAE has a lot to contribute to the Security Council and to the multilateral system as a whole. We are a dynamic and forward-looking country in our region, a bridge builder, a humanitarian leader, and a global hub of commerce, trade, and innovation."

She went on to say, "The world today is very different than when the UAE first served on the Council in 1986-1987. However, we continue to believe that peace and security are best served when the international community stands together, with multilateralism at its core. This is why our campaign is anchored under the theme 'Stronger United'."

On her vision for the UAE’s role in the Security Council, Nusseibeh said, "We will occupy an Asia-Pacific seat on the Council and represent the Arab Group, but we are committed to proactively listening to, learning from, and considering the views of the entire UN membership. And, most importantly, we hope to bring a new perspective to the Council built on our understanding of the many crises on the Security Council’s agenda, our experience in the Middle East, and our deeply held belief in the power of diplomacy.

"We will continue employing a multilateral approach to our work and collaborating with other members, relevant stakeholders, and those on the ground to resolve global challenges threatening peace and security. In this regard, we will prioritize advancing inclusion and the fostering of diverse, tolerant societies; building resilience on issues like climate change and global health; spurring innovation by bringing nations together to take advantage of the opportunities created by new technology; and working towards peace by continuing the UAE’s tradition of mediating between parties in conflict, de-escalating tensions, and achieving inclusive political solutions to resolve conflicts," she added.

When asked that what are the issues the UAE will focus on during its membership on the Security Council?, the Ambassador responded by saying, "While the agenda of the Security Council is in large part driven by events, the world is also facing a series of challenges that know no physical borders and that require collective action to solve. We believe the UAE is well-placed to help address many of these emerging and transnational issues.

"Climate change, to give just one example, is undermining peace and stability around the world, particularly in countries that are already in conflict or in post-conflict situations. As a major hydrocarbon producer that has pivoted to energy diversification, we believe we can help drive consensus around practical ways to address the linkages between climate change and insecurity. This includes encouraging the Council to take a more anticipatory approach to emerging threats and championing the use of renewable energy in peace operations.

"In addition, we plan to address many of the critical challenges of our time, including institutionalizing gender equality, fostering tolerance and countering terrorism and extremism, prioritizing humanitarian relief, tackling global health crises and pandemics, and harnessing the potential of innovation for peace. We are committed to working with other Council Members to encourage consensus and compromise on these important issues."

The Emirates News Agency asked Ambassador Lana Nusseibeh, that UAE joined the United Nations in December 1971, how does she view the UAE’s foreign policy and its role in maintaining international peace and security today? The UAE top diplomat in UN said, "We continue to be led and inspired by the foreign policy set out at our founding. Our history reinforces our deep commitment to dialogue and diplomacy, as well as a strong belief in the importance of stability, inclusivity, and prosperity for international peace and security.

"In accordance with these principles, the UAE’s foreign policy includes commitments to supporting development and humanitarian initiatives and strengthening relations with countries in all corners of the world.

As a country that constantly looks towards the future, our foreign policy also includes harnessing the potential of technology and innovation. We believe that technological innovation should benefit many, not just the few."

She added, "All of this ties into our belief that by improving the quality of life for people today and generations to come, we can prevent and minimize threats to peace and security. Ultimately, each and every country has a role to play in the maintenance of international peace and security. We remain firmly committed to doing our part alongside the international community.

"As a member of the Security Council, our actions will reflect the UAE’s foreign policy priorities, advance our strategic vision for a stable and secure region, and strengthen our partnerships with countries worldwide. This will only be the second time in the UAE’s history that we hold one of the ten elected Council seats. The last time we were on the Council was more than thirty years ago, so this truly is a once-in-a-generation opportunity."

She concluded, "During our term on the Council, the world will continue to face unprecedented challenges. It is now the UAE’s turn to prove that we can help address those challenges by shouldering our responsibility as a member of the international community to partner with other UNSC members and the wider UN membership to achieve real, lasting solutions and a better future for all."

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