Monday 02 October 2023 - 5:37:50 pm

DHA upgrades Salama electronic medical record system

DUBAI, 30th May, 2022 (WAM) -- Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) Electronic Medical Record System, Salama, has been updated to ensure that patients visiting DHA hospitals have access to maximum number of healthcare services digitally and to enhance patient experience through the DHA app.

The patient medical record platform is available across all DHA hospitals, primary healthcare centres, specialty centres, medical fitness centres and private facilities accessing DHA’s Salama system in their centres related to physiotherapy and rehabilitation, dialysis centres, and others.

Salama integrates more than 30 of DHA’s core clinical systems and administrative systems ranging from major clinical systems such as Radiology, Lab, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Dubai Ambulance and extends to non-clinical systems. Salama is also integrated with other government and semi-government entities apart from private labs.

Salama systems have more than 5 million patient medical records and it ensures that the patients visiting DHA health care facilities have access to their records digitally from their home enabling them to see the medications, upcoming appointments, online appointment facilities, availability of clinical results. Telehealth and tele-consultation are enabled for patients ensuring that the care is provided to patients at their ease.

Kleitham Al Shamsi, DHA's Director of Information Technology, said, "The project has been upgraded and supported with the best technologies, in order to keep pace with current and future requirements and provide integrated systems that better serve doctors and patients of DHA health facilities."

She highlighted that the upgraded features include delivering medicines to patients' rooms, maintaining medicine stocks according to the required levels, classifying medicines according to colors and documenting them accurately. Moreover, from a patient point of view, Al Shamsi added, that patients can use the DHA app and access their medical records or their family member’s medical records. She emphasised that the service provides highest level of data privacy and security.

Al Shamsi explained that the upgraded system provides doctors with an opportunity to add comments and notes, review and audit documents as well as give medical orders required for the patients and submit the orders at the click of a button.

WAM/Lina ibrahim/Amjad Saleh