Wednesday 30 November 2022 - 2:15:38 am

Doctors at Tawam Hospital successfully conduct hysterectomy using revolutionary technique

ABU DHABI, 20th July, 2022 (WAM) -- In a first for the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the UAE’s largest healthcare network, doctors at Tawam Hospital have successfully performed a total hysterectomy (removal of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes) on a 66-year-old breast cancer patient, using a novel technique called V-NOTES (vaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery).

The prime benefits of V-NOTES include no visible scarring; less postoperative pain (requiring less use of painkillers), fewer post-operative infections, and a shorter hospital stay compared to traditional laparoscopic hysterectomy.

Dr. Saad Aswad, Consultant O&G/GYNE Oncology, at Tawam Hospital, SEHA, said, "The patient is a known case of breast cancer and has been on Tamoxifen for 7 years, she presented with bleeding and pain. Our investigations indicated the need for a hysterectomy with ovary and fallopian tube removal. We decided to use the V-NOTES surgical technique to ensure patient comfort in terms of scarring, pain, and recovery time.

"The surgery was successful, and the patient was allowed to go home in less than twenty-four hours. It is with great pride that I can say that our team is adept at performing a procedure that is normally done abroad. Tawam Hospital has performed around 145 hysterectomies in 2021."

Speaking about the success of the surgery, the patient said, "I am truly grateful to the doctors at Tawam Hospital who were with me throughout the entire process. My condition has markedly improved, and I am thankful that I have no visible scarring or debilitating pain. The best part was that I could go back home within twenty-fours of the surgery! This was such a huge plus point of the whole procedure. Everything went smoothly, and I am doing much better now."

WAM/Tariq alfaham/MOHD AAMIR