Zayed Higher Organisation provides its modern services for therapy, rehabilitation of people of determination

Zayed Higher Organisation provides its modern services for therapy, rehabilitation of people of determination

ABU DHABI, 8th September, 2022 (WAM) -- Abdullah Al Humeidan, General-Secretary of Zayed Higher Organisation People of Determination (ZHO), affirmed that the Organisation pays special attention to the service of therapy and rehabilitation due to increasing demand, while following international best standards in line with the leadership's vision.

In his statement on the occasion of World Physiotherapy Day, which is marked annually on 8th September, Al Humeidan said that ZHO is creating and offering a collection of innovative ideas for developing its services in what would contribute to the happiness of its staff and the people of determination in general. "From this perspective, the idea has been launched for the creation of RobTech Laboratory (Smart Rehabilitation Laboratory), which is the first of type on the level of the Middle East, containing integrated robotic therapeutic solutions for the various needs of the people of determination."

"ZHO gives utmost attention to the quality of all the services being provided to beneficiaries of the various categories of the people of determination, as it is continuously improving the services being provided to the people of determination and facilitating the appropriate means for them, through its supportive plans, qualitative initiatives, and national strategies, so that they would enjoy life in their homeland in prosperity and comfort.

"ZHO is proud to provide its services by modern world-class means for the therapy and rehabilitation of the people of determination, using the latest scientific technologies in this field and by globally specialised and trained therapists, arising from ZHO’s belief of the necessity to assume full responsibility towards the people of determination for the promotion of their motor skills to the highest standard and so that they can live their lives independently," he added.

Physiotherapy is one of the services that are provided by ZHO, which is a rehabilitative medical service that cares for the improvement of the motor capabilities of the people of determination (such as muscle strengthening, walking exercises, balance exercises for sitting enhancement, the maintenance of body joints and muscles in good condition), in addition to aquatic therapy, which is a type of physiotherapy, being provided in an aquatic environment to enjoy the characteristics of water that make it useful in physiotherapy, namely, floating and resistance, as floating helps to support the weight of a disabled person who is unable to stand up and walk. The types of physiotherapy being applied at ZHO vary, including manual therapy, aquatic therapy, spider therapy, smart rehabilitation, electrotherapy.

The number of the people of determination availing of ZHO’s physiotherapy services are 489 persons on ZHO’s level in all the regions of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra. The number of daily physiotherapy sessions being delivered for beneficiaries is 190 sessions.

For her part, Amina Al Saadi, Head of Abu Dhabi's Healthcare Department, ZHO, said, "The importance of physiotherapy for the people of determination lies in that it improves the motor and physical capabilities of the people of determination, develops their skills, and improves their ability to walk, balance and muscular power, in order to facilitate their integration into the society and to promote them to the highest possible degree of independence."

"The future plans for the development of service at ZHO for the accommodation of cases are based on coping with the development in the applied means of physiotherapy and the activation of the role of partnerships with private centres and specialised entities for the provision of services and the accommodation of all cases," Al Saadi explained.