NAMA highlights HR’s pivotal role in creating gender-inclusive work environments

NAMA highlights HR’s pivotal role in creating gender-inclusive work environments

SHARJAH, 25th September, 2022 (WAM) -- NAMA Women Advancement (NAMA) will offer in-depth insights into diversity and inclusion as it guides organisations into creating safe gender-inclusive work environments through the lens of Human Resources at an upcoming interactive workshop in Dubai.

Held under NAMA’s initiative Irtiqa, under the theme "The Future of Work is Gender Inclusive" and organised in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Middle East, the two-hour workshop will be on Wednesday, 28th September, 2022 at the PwC Office, Emaar Square, Dubai.

Targeting HR professionals and diversity and inclusion leaders in the corporate workplace, the workshop titled "Setting a Gender-inclusive Work Environment: The Role of Human Resources'' is the second in a series of three action-oriented workshops aimed at helping businesses build capacities and deliver on gender equality outcomes.

The workshop aims to highlight the unique position of human resource professionals as a catalyst to close gender gaps and effect change in the implementation of gender-inclusive strategies within organisations.

Led by the diversity and inclusion team and senior HR management at PwC, the workshop also takes forward NAMA’s commitment through the Irtiqa initiative to support businesses delivering on their gender equality objectives and help promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

This workshop will cover different aspects of the employee’s journey, right from recruitment and onboarding to development and exit, and will explore how Human Resources can revolutionise the path forward for gender inclusion by better positioning women in workspaces.

The interactive workshop will feature a range of activities and facilitated discussions on integrating inclusivity into the core values of an organisation and offer a hands-on approach to encourage the creation of innovative and practical solutions to advance women in the workforce.

Subject matter experts at PwC will share their insights and best practices on topics such as leveraging data to create equality, using emerging technology to promote inclusion, and the intersectionality of Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion.

Amongst the professionals from PwC Middle East who will facilitate the Irtiqa workshop are Zina Janabi, Inclusion and Diversity Director; James Brooker, People Analytics Lead; Waseem Hassan, Human Capital Specialist; Mariya Ali, Inclusion and Diversity Manager; Sonali Dubey, Human Capital Manager; and Veronica Fox, Human Capital Business Partner.

To register for the workshop in Dubai, please email and for more information on Irtiqa and NAMA, please visit

NAMA launched Irtiqa in 2019 as a global platform for women to foster a stronger understanding of both the business and social value of women’s economic inclusion. Irtiqa aims to drive change through building the capacity of businesses, raising awareness and expanding knowledge on the benefits of gender equality, in addition to supporting advocacy efforts.