Dubai Labour Force Survey 2022 kicks off

Dubai Labour Force Survey 2022 kicks off

DUBAI, 5th December, 2022 (WAM) -- The Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) at Digital Dubai has announced the launch of the Dubai Labour Force Survey 2022, designed to generate detailed data and specifications about the emirate’s residents – and the workforce, in particular, workers and the unemployed.

Now in its 15th annual edition, the survey aims to enable decision-makers to develop effective strategies by understanding the actual current and future needs of the labour market.

It allows them to integrate their policies with national strategies to support and empower Emirati professionals, in addition to setting plans for developing national human resources and creating suitable job opportunities for them.

Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of DSC, said, “The Dubai Labour Force Survey comes as part of an integrated national project covering the entire UAE and implemented in partnership with the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre and local statistics centres. The study presents a key source of statistics and data on the labour force that meets international standards set by the International Labour Organisation.”

“The survey is one of the most important household studies carried out annually as part of the Dubai Statistics Center’s strategic plan, designed to accurately determine the workforce’s performance on various indicators and characteristics in a specific period, comparing the results against the needs and requirements of the labour market,” he added. “This, in turn, supports planning and decision-making processes by providing a clear picture of the workforce.”

“The survey generates figures and metrics about both workers and the unemployed, according to their specialisations and educational qualifications,” Al Janahi explained. “It also measures unemployment rates following various characteristics and calculates participation rates in the emirate’s labour market. Moreover, the study makes it possible to identify changes that occur in key indicators and features over the years, in addition to presenting detailed data on demographic, social, and economic characteristics of Dubai’s population and human capital, and visualising the vocational composition, economic activity, and career status of working professionals.”

The Dubai Labour Force Survey 2022 covers a wide range of households as a statistical sample representative of society, nationalities, age groups, and other main characteristics. The sample consists of 3,000 households, including 1,500 Emirati families.

The Centre will conduct the survey by placing calls during the evening period, from 16:30 to 20:30, from Sunday to Thursday. Data collection began on 27th November, 2022, and will continue until the first week of January 2023.

The Dubai Statistics Centre calls on all Emirati and non-Emirati families residing in the Emirate of Dubai to fully cooperate with call centre researchers, which would allow them to collect the most accurate data and better serve the emirate’s comprehensive development. The DSC stressed that all data will be kept strictly confidential and used exclusively for statistical analysis.