UAE leadership believes in adopting advanced technology to explore futuristic approaches: Al Olama

UAE leadership believes in adopting advanced technology to explore futuristic approaches: Al Olama

DUBAI, 29th December, 2022 (WAM) -- Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, visited the Industrial Innovation Group, the world's leader in security printing, biometric and global systems national entities and corporates headquarter in Sharjah, to explore the scientific research lab, new trends in advanced technology, and collaboration aspects.

Al Olama said that the UAE leadership believes that adopting advanced technology and innovation is a top priority in the country's vision to further enhance the scientific position that the UAE achieved, which is accelerating ahead of the future to overcome challenges and explore futuristic approaches digitally to develop new economic sectors.

He stated that when it comes to technology, we have to connect it with the most innovative tools to ensure safety, quality, and reliance, commending the success if the Industrial Innovation Group in building a large base with 263 centres for passports around the globe and 367 centres for licenses. In addition, the 400 intellectual property assets will consolidate the UAE to lead in security documents and technology solutions.

Taryam Matar Taryam, CEO of Industrial Innovation Group, said that IIG is one of the largest companies in the world working in the field of systems integration that can create a specific product, as well as provide production lines with full control over the production process, as well as implementing integration into e-government systems.

The Industrial Innovation Group (IIG) is the first Group in the Middle East and North Africa to establish real industrial production and implement system integration. The technology of the Industrial Innovation Group has no analogues in the world.

IIG is the only company in the world in the production of identification documents and security printing that does not depend on and does not use third-party technologies in its activities. This is the key to continued success and sustainability of the activity of all projects, without which it is impossible to imagine the development of modern business.

The Group showcased the innovative solutions and its success in implementing them in the systems of the identification document personalisation by laser engravings and the production of electronic identification documents on polymeric and paper basis in single engineering and manufacturing chain.

The Group displayed a fully equipped building developed to innovate 3D and holographic products, allowing demetallised utilisation.

The Group proved that with the creation of new e-passports, the government would upgrade the machine-readable travel documents to a globally interoperable biometric passport and ensure a high range of secure personalisation techniques.