'Journal of Judiciary and Law' enriches legal debate on AI-Based Systems and Metaverse

'Journal of Judiciary and Law' enriches legal debate on AI-Based Systems and Metaverse

ABU DHABI, 4th May, 2023 (WAM) -- The Centre for Judicial Research and Studies of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) has published the 12th issue of its ‘Journal of Judiciary and Law’, featuring a series of research and studies that can enrich the current legal analysis and debate on the uses of new technologies, including artificial intelligence systems and virtual reality environments, such as the Metaverse, in order to devise solutions to the problems that may arise from the use of these systems in practical life.

The new issue of the ‘Journal of Judiciary and Law’, issued in an electronic version available on the website of the Judicial Department, emphasises the UAE's interest in artificial intelligence technologies, making it one of the early adopters of the use and development of the systems based on these scientific innovations, with the aim of maximising the use of such technologies of the future.

The new issue of the magazine has also highlighted the Judicial Department's efforts to harness AI-based systems to deliver world-class legal and judicial services, in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Presidential Court, and Chairman of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, for the sustainable development and modernisation of the Abu Dhabi judicial system, so as to enhance its competitiveness and strengthen its global leadership position.

Furthermore, the judicial papers and studies published focused on the uses of smart programmes in the judicial field in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, stressing the importance of laying down safeguards to govern their use and setting out the technical mechanisms needed to broaden the spectrum of use of these innovations in a wide range of judicial processes, so as to contribute to the achievement of an accomplished justice and the prompt settlement of cases.

The new issue of the journal also shed light on the legal vision of the "Metaverse environment", which refers to current and future integrated digital platforms that focus on virtual and enhanced reality, and the assumptions that are being made about it, the most important of which is the ability of this virtual space to generate rights and obligations for contractors, and the extent to which it may be subject to certain laws such as the intellectual property law, in order to preserve rights, as well as exploring the possibilities of its use in remote litigation and governing its control.