Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Foundation launches ‘Innovative Investment Strategy’ to enhance residential projects in Dubai

DUBAI, 6th July, 2023 (WAM) -- The Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Foundation has announced the launch of its ‘Innovative Investment Strategy’ that seeks to enhance the quality of life within its residential projects while fostering robust collaborations with the private sector.
The strategic objectives of the new investment plan include marketing the assets of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Foundation, providing investment opportunities in residential complexes, diversifying investment fields and identifying new sources of income to achieve financial sustainability. The Strategy also focuses on strengthening public and private partnerships to develop the housing sector.
Mohammed Hassan Al-Shehi, Assistant Executive Director of the Housing Sector, said: “At the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Foundation, we are actively pursuing innovative strategies to diversify our investment portfolio and cultivate new avenues of income. Through the adoption of advanced partnership models with our esteemed private sector partners, we are dedicated to elevating the living standards in Dubai. These initiatives exemplify our commitment to enhancing the housing sector's sustainable growth while fostering a prosperous future for all community members.”
Al-Shehi added: “The Foundation offers a diverse range of investment opportunities, including leasing commercial and investment spaces within residential projects, partnerships to enhance housing services and investment in the Foundation's assets. With our new investment strategy, we aspire to attract a wide array of partners, encompassing asset and facility management service providers, retailers, real estate developers and investors. By fostering these collaborations, we aim to ensure the successful implementation of our initiatives.”
Preliminary results of the Strategy show promising signs, as the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Foundation has entered into three partnerships with the private sector to invest in its assets, and there are plans for five scheduled investment projects between 2023 and 2024. Additionally, 18 potential investment areas have been identified within residential projects, and four partnership models with the private sector have been approved to develop the housing system.
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Foundation has established an investment portal, enabling investors to explore available opportunities. This initiative promotes transparency and collaboration with the private sector. The Foundation's new Strategy prioritises diversifying income sources and strengthening partnerships with the private sector to drive growth and development within the emirate's housing sector.
Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Foundation invites the public to visit its official website at to learn more about its services and ongoing efforts to develop the housing sector in Dubai.