GPSSA launches unified GCC campaign on insurance protection extension system

GPSSA launches unified GCC campaign on insurance protection extension system

ABU DHABI, 31st July, 2023 (WAM) -- The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) has launched a unified campaign in collaboration with pension and social security authorities across the GCC region.

The primary objective of this campaign, as explained by Dr. Maysa Rashed Ghadeer, Government Communications Director at the GPSSA, is to guarantee that citizens receive adequate insurance protection, regardless of their work location within the GCC.

The extension protection system enables GCC nationals employed in UAE-based entities to be registered with the GPSSA and receive end-of-service and retirement pensions according to the pension laws of their respective home countries.

Moreover, the insurance system covers the beneficiaries and dependents of the insured or pensioner during their lifetime.

Registration under this system is mandatory for GCC nationals employed in UAE-based government and private sectors, including those working in free zones and the hotel and tourism sector.

To qualify for registration, individuals must possess a GCC nationality and work for an employer subjected to the provisions of the civil retirement law. Failure to meet these conditions will suspend the insured's participation in the system.

The registration process involves coordination between the pension authority in the GCC individual's workplace country and the pension authority in their home country. Monthly contributions will be collected following the insurance protection system established in their respective countries.

Employers are responsible for paying the contributions on behalf of their GCC employees, deducting a prescribed percentage from the insured's salary and ensuring that the amount is transferred monthly to the designated pension system bank account in the insured's home country.

Notably, the protection extension system permits individuals covered by its provisions to merge employment years prior to the system's application date with their current employer. Furthermore, they are allowed to join previous service periods in their home countries, following the terms of joining service periods in the relevant pension authority.

Employers must commit to paying the end-of-service gratuity as prescribed for their GCC employees, in line with the civil service regulations and labour law, including service periods, before applying the system's provisions. The system does not challenge prearranged rights or benefits that align with the employer's commitments.

Both the employer and the insured individuals are mandated to register. Failure to register and contribute on behalf of an insured may result in insurance evasion, which is punishable by law. In such cases, the entity will be held fully responsible for paying additional amounts and fines due to non-compliance, and they will not be exempt from retroactive registration.