ADNEC Group opens new Capital Holiday office in Munich

ADNEC Group opens new Capital Holiday office in Munich

ABU DHABI, 16th August, 2023 (WAM) -- ADNEC Group announced through its subsidiary, Capital Holiday, a leading tour operator, its full operational launch in Munich, marking a significant milestone in its mission to elevate Abu Dhabi's tourism sector. With a dedicated and dynamic team in place, Capital Holidays is committed to realising the vision set forth by Abu Dhabi Tourism.

Driven by a shared passion for excellence, the Capital Holidays team is relentlessly working to activate state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. This infrastructure aims to streamline workflows and enhance collaborations between Capital Holidays and its valued trade partners, ensuring seamless travel experiences for tourists exploring the beauty of Abu Dhabi.

The inauguration of Tourism 365's new office in Munich, operating under its subsidiary Capital Holidays, represents a strategic move to attract European leisure and business tourists to Abu Dhabi. This expansion aims to promote the emirate's captivating tourist attractions in the European market while forging stronger partnerships with tour operators.

Humaid Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and Group CEO of ADNEC, expressed his enthusiasm about this new milestone, stating, “The establishment of our Munich office reflects our commitment to creating lasting connections between Europe and Abu Dhabi. By providing convenient access to our exceptional destination through our European hub, we aim to showcase the richness of Abu Dhabi's offerings to travelers, entrepreneurs, and investors alike. This move is evidence of ADNEC's dedication to bolstering the growth of Abu Dhabi's tourism sector on an international scale.”

The strategic location of the new office in Munich positions Capital Holidays, a subsidiary of Tourism 365, to cater to the unique preferences of European travelers. Through targeted marketing initiatives, Capital Holidays will highlight Abu Dhabi's diverse cultural heritage, modern infrastructure, and unparalleled hospitality. Emphasis will be placed on the city's iconic landmarks, thriving arts and culture scene, and world-class business facilities to foster a deeper understanding of Abu Dhabi's vast potential.

Roula Jouny, CEO of Tourism 365, remarked, “We are excited to witness the growth of Abu Dhabi's tourism sector and proud to be part of ADNEC's vision to position the city as a top travel and business destination. The Munich office, under our subsidiary Capital Holidays, marks the beginning of a new era for Tourism 365, as we embark on a journey to connect with European travelers, travel agencies, and corporate partners. We are confident that our expanded presence in Europe will open up new avenues for collaboration and create lasting memories for travelers from this region.”

With this expansion, ADNEC strengthens its position as a global leader in the events and tourism industry. Capital Holidays, as a subsidiary of Tourism 365, is dedicated to delivering extraordinary experiences and poised to become the preferred choice for European travelers and businesses seeking to explore the boundless possibilities that await them in Abu Dhabi.