NWTN showcases Rabdan MUSE EV and vision for future mobility

NWTN showcases Rabdan MUSE EV and vision for future mobility

PEBBLE BEACH, (USA), 21st August, 2023 (WAM) -- NWTN Inc., an eco-conscious mobility technology company bringing passenger-centric green premium mobility solutions to the world has premiered the Rabdan MUSE (a model of NWTN’s Rabdan brand of elective vehicles) and NWTN’s vision for the future of mobility, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California, according to a company press release issued on Monday. 

Headquartered in Dubai, NWTN has a full vehicle assembly facility in Abu Dhabi. Rabdan is NWTN’s premium mobility brand that represents technological innovation, intelligent comfort, seamless power, and noble luxury. The brand integrates the latest cutting-edge technologies in new energy vehicles and is manufactured in the UAE. 

MUSE was created around a pioneering concept developed by NWTN back in 2019, one that is focused on the needs of all the passengers for personalised travel experiences, called “passenger centricity.”

For a long time, the automobile industry has focused on the drivers. NWTN foresaw that the combination of "passenger-centric" intelligent technologies and new energy vehicles would open a new segment and change consumers' perception of how the vehicle could enhance their lives.

Passenger centricity is brought to life by a segment of vehicles called Smart Passenger Vehicles (SPVs). With avant-garde design at its core and integrating life-style personalisation, IoT connectivity, autonomous driving technologies and artificial intelligence technologies, SPVs enable passengers to experience the seamless connection between form and function.

MUSE is the first of NTWN’s smart passenger vehicles. With its innovations and personalised intelligence, MUSE turns passenger centricity into reality.

MUSE is an acronym that stands for: Marvellous, Unique, Sensual and Elegance. These four words encapsulate the design philosophy and innovative features of the vehicle, emphasising aspects, such as superior engineering, individuality, sensual design, and refined elegance. Together, they form a cohesive representation of what the MUSE model is meant to embody and offer to its passengers.

The vehicle is a large flagship SPV with futuristic styling, immense power and long range, great comfort, and a unique passenger-centric digital infotainment system. It focuses on passenger-centred, comfortable and intelligent riding experience, with the entire car seats equipped with super control privileges. The car has a machine built-in office and entertainment system to fully meet the needs of business and family travel.

MUSE is a luxury smart passenger vehicle built upon the Gravity Zero Platform, which is a highly modular, generalised vehicle architecture platform developed for all sedan, SUV, SPV, and MPVs. The development of this highly modular and generalised architecture platforms enables a maximum reuse, up to 85 percent, of underbody components.

Gravity Zero Platform effectively reduces vehicle material costs via scales of volume, shortens vehicle development time by up to 50 percent, reduces vehicle development cost by up to 75 percent and enhances vehicle product quality considerably for all derived vehicles from the platforms.

The car has a unique mono-volume divided into a helicopter-like cabin and powerful body panels embracing it. MUSE colour and material harmony echoes the green and advanced values of the project with only sustainable materials applying throughout the interior.

During the weekend, NWTN also introduced NWTOPIA, an ecosystem built around MUSE and that goes beyond mere transportation. NWTOPIA envisions a future where green lifestyle seamless integrates with cutting-edge technology, reshaping cities and reinventing our way of living. It is a ground-breaking concept that integrates smart passenger vehicles with an innovative approach to sustainable living. Through NWTOPIA, NWTN presents an innovative ecosystem that converges green mobility, smart technology, and sustainability into a harmonious blend.

NWTOPIA introduces NWTO tokens which are more than just digital keys. They are a gateway to a world of experiences and services within the ecosystem. With every journey taken in MUSE, NWTO are mined and can be used to open doors to numerous services such as charging, entertainment, customization, and art, within NWTOPIA, said the press release.