Dubai Business Women Council launches human leadership series to upgrade members’ leadership skills

DUBAI, 5th October, 2023 (WAM) – The Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) announced the commencement of the "Human Leadership Series - Build Authentic Connections with Your Audiences & Teams" in collaboration with Synertia. This three-part training program, unfolding over the next two months, aims to fortify the skills of both DBWC members and non-members, fostering stronger connections with clients and teams to achieve professional objectives.
The comprehensive training series also aims to amplify awareness within the business community about cutting-edge technologies, strategic plans, and innovative approaches that enhance institutional performance and professional success. Additionally, it seeks to equip participants with the tools to navigate workplace challenges and cultivate effective leadership skills.
Commencing on 12th October, the inaugural workshop, "The Disney Creative Strategy: A Thinking Tool for Ultimate Creativity and Idea Generation," sets the tone for an immersive learning experience. On 2nd November, the series continues with "Storytelling Tools and Techniques: Crafting Authentic and Engaging Narratives," offering invaluable insights into the art of storytelling in the business domain.
Concluding the series on 28th November is the seminar, "Building Bridges: The Power of Empathy in Entrepreneurship and Business." This session shines a spotlight on the pivotal role empathy plays in the entrepreneurial and business landscape.
Nadine Halabi, Business Development Manager at DBWC, underscored that this initiative is geared toward refining the skills of participants and introducing them to innovative concepts that will enhance their expertise and competitive edge.
She further elaborated, "At the Dubai Business Women Council, we are acutely aware of the rapid changes in the business world. Our primary focus remains on continually educating our members with the latest developments that drive substantial advancements in their respective professional domains. The launch of the Leadership Series is in line with our strategy and commitment to foster a culture of accomplishment and success among women and entrepreneurs in Dubai."
For his part, Randy Helou - Managing Partner - Synertia Consulting, said: "Human Leadership stands as the lighthouse amidst organizational storms, grounding practices in empathy, inclusiveness, creativity, and empathy. We have designed these three synergistic workshops to equip leaders with skills that empower them to bring their own full, authentic and creative selves to their work, and to lead their partners, teams, and organizations to do the same."