Over 1,800 AI global experts to demystify generative AI during Dubai Assembly for Generative AI

DUBAI, 9th October, 2023 (WAM) -- More than 1800 participants including ministers, government leaders, CEOs, AI experts, academia, investors, startups, and major technology companies are going to convene during the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI; the most impactful gathering to realise the potential of generative AI.

The two-day event will take place under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Dubai Future Foundation, on 11th and 12th October at the Museum of the Future and AREA 2071, Emirates Towers, Dubai.
The agenda of the Assembly, organised by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), includes more than 20 main sessions and keynote speeches, and over 25 private sessions over two days, featuring the participation of more than 70 speakers from major technology companies, government entities, and international organisations.
The assembly will focus on 5 main themes: demystifying generative AI, delving into the most disrupted sectors by generative AI, navigating the challenges facing regulators in the age of AI, exploring generative AI's role in the advancement of other emerging technologies, and discussing the AI competitive advantages for big tech companies and emerging startups.
DFF is also organising an interactive exhibition that presents the latest generative AI innovations, with the participation of many technology companies, including Microsoft, Meta, Deloitte, PwC, McKinsey, and Tashkeel.
Abdulaziz AlJaziri, Deputy CEO of DFF, stated that the agenda of the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI will focus on highlighting the insights of the participating experts and technology companies on developing and employing AI applications. The event will also initiate global dialogues on ways to create new opportunities, find solutions to current challenges and future developments, develop the relevant regulations, and strengthen cooperation between the government and private sectors to leverage this technology for the benefit of communities.
The agenda for the first day will commence with an opening keynote by Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of DFF, highlighting the DFF’s mission to demystify generative AI.
Ali Dalloul, Vice-President of Azure AI, will follow with a presentation on Microsoft's future plans for AI. Additionally, there will be a panel session where experts from PwC will discuss the impact of generative AI on the workforce.
Younus Al Nasser, CEO of Dubai Data and Statistics Establishment, Dubai Digital Authority, will deliver a keynote titled 'Synthetic Data: The Next Wave of Privacy Solutions.' Following that, Costi Perricos, from Deloitte, will present a keynote titled 'GenAI in Action: Which Industries Are Witnessing the Most Disruption?'. Later, Matar Al Hemeiri, Chief Executive of Digital Dubai Government Establishment, Digital Dubai, will deliver a keynote titled 'Digital Dubai: A City-Level AI Product’.
Following the keynote, a panel titled ‘GenAI and Existential Questions for Government’ will bring experts from European Blockchain Association, Digital Dubai, and Boston Consulting Group together to address how the role of governments is evolving beyond a regulator.
The first day’s sessions will also include a session featuring HE Omar Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, where he will highlight the most disruptive AI future uses and applications across different sectors.
Then, Chiara Marcati, from QuantumBlack AI by McKinsey, will deliver a keynote titled ‘The State of AI in 2023’. This will be followed by a keynote by Martin Heinig from SAP, on ‘Future-Proofing Organisations with GenAI’.
Additionally, Mostafa Zafer, from IBM, will deliver a keynote on ‘Pioneering the GenAI Revolution’, and Julien Chaumond, from Hugging Face, will also participate in a fireside chat on ‘Democratising GenAI for Everyone’. The day will conclude with a panel titled 'How Is GenAI Fueling Growth in Aviation?' featuring Adel Al Redha, Chief Operations Officer of Emirates; Will Badr from Amazon Web Services; Stasa Podgorsek from Microsoft; moderated by Laura Buckwell from Euronews.
The second day's agenda will feature qualitative sessions including a session titled ‘GenAI in Action Across Key Sectors’, with the participation of industry leaders from QuantumBlack covering several vital sectors. Later, Alessio Bagnaresi, from Google Cloud, will deliver a keynote titled ‘Google: Rising to the GenAI Challenge’, while Evelyn Miller, from Meta, will deliver a speech about emerging tech’s dark side and why privacy is more critical now with Generative AI.
Aso, there will be a panel session titled ‘Can Regulators Maneuver the GenAI Challenge?’ featuring Stephen Almond from Information Commissioner’s Office, UK Government, and John Marshall, from World Ethical Data Foundation, moderated by Mustafa Al Rawi from CNN Business. Then there will be a panel session titled ‘How Agile Companies are Leveraging GenAI’ with the participation of Hrish Lotlikar from SuperWorld; Wael Salloum from Careem; Muhammed Hassouna from Talabat, moderated by Tom Urquhart from Dubai Media inc. And another panel will follow with ‘GenAI: Fueling Growth for Creative Clusters’, featuring Georg Wolfart from Snap Inc.; John Dabill from HTC Vive, moderated by Lenah Hassaballah from CNN Business.
Next, Sean Kennedy, VP Nokia Bell Labs, AI Research, will deliver a keynote titled ‘Testing AI’s Limits: Mimicking Human and Analytical Thinking’, followed by a fireside chat with Daniil and David Liberman, Founders, Humanism, titled ‘Can GenAI be a Catalyst for the Fourth Wave of Entrepreneurship?’.
Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei, Executive Director and Acting Chief AI Researcher, Technology Innovation Institute, will also participate in a fireside chat with Kelsey Warner from The Circuit news, titled ‘The UAE Amidst the GenAI Revolution’.
The agenda will conclude with a virtual keynote by Ankur Mehrotra, from Amazon Web Services Machine Learning titled ‘A New Generation of AI Products’.
The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI will host a series of private and technical sessions which deep dive into the AI world. Those sessions include ‘Global AI Trends and Government Initiatives Overview’ by Dubai Center for Artificial Intelligence and QuantumBlack AI by Mckinsey; ‘Responsible Generative AI’’ by Dubai Digital; ‘Towards Generative AI's Universal Principles for Research and Education’ by Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government; ‘Running Your Transformation in the AI Era’ by SAP; ‘Exploring the Potential of GenAI’ by Emirates Group; ‘GenAI Use cases for Dubai Police’ by Dubai Police and Microsoft; ‘Key Pillars for Enabling Trust in AI’ by Deloitte; ‘The Transformative Potential of Generative AI and Emerging Technologies’ by BEDO; ‘Approaches and Tools for Responsible Innovation’ by Meta; and ‘Real-World Use Cases Driving Industry Advancements’ by Microsoft.
The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI is the most impactful gathering to realise the potential of generative AI. This year, generative AI was chosen as the Assembly’s key theme due to the increasing global interest in its applications and transformative potential across various sectors.

The assembly's goal is to establish a global network and platform for generative AI experts and specialists to create synergies, seize opportunities, and foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.
The event also aligns with Dubai's vision to establish itself as a global hub for emerging technologies, where they can be tested, harnessed, and launched. Furthermore, it strengthens Dubai's collaborative efforts and partnerships with decision-makers and industry leaders worldwide, aiming to create new opportunities in generative AI industry.