Dubai Sports Council concludes field visits to fitness centers as part of the 'Fitness Center Classification System'

DUBAI, 11th October, 2023 (WAM) – Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has concluded the field visits to all fitness centers in Dubai and commenced the evaluation process to award each center the classification stars as per the numbers of points it has gained, based on the evaluation of services and quality of work, according to the requirements and standards, announced by DSC as part of the Fitness Center Classification System in Dubai.

Ranking results and names of fitness centers, which have gained 5 stars, will be announced during the upcoming period, and will be honored in a respective festival. Other fitness centers which gained four stars and below will also be declared.

DSC has launched the “Fitness Centers Classification System in Dubai”; the first of its kind in the world, in collaboration with international fitness experts, based on the best world practices in the field of fitness clubs & sports medicine, aiming to enhance professionalism in fitness industry and develop the level of services in Dubai fitness centers.

The evaluation process comprises 17 standards related to all sides of work in the fitness centers, top of which are the criteria of the awareness of the dangers of doping and the efforts exerted by centers to combat doping and to make people aware of its serious consequences. DSC confirmed that the fitness centers’ efforts to combat doping and to implement the contents of awareness of doping dangers are among the most eminent factors to name centers which are eligible to gain five stars in the Classification system.

The Classification standards also include quality and excellence of the facility, besides the quality and variety of its devices, management and staff’s competency, ratio of trainees to each trainer, in addition to the quality of services and availability of all factors needed by trainees in terms of care and healthy nutrition and so many other elements. The Classification system comprises 82 sub-factors associated to the 17 main standards, based on which all fitness centers in Dubai are evaluated by specialized & competent teams.

DSC works in collaboration with specialized governmental entities to implement the standards of the quality of work and services which are presented to trainees of various ages and different classes aiming to ensure trainees’ safety and to make the fitness centers as destinations for activity, vitality, health, happiness and spreading of the awareness of the benefits of intact nutrition, proper bodybuilding and combating of doping which threatens trainees’ life.